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10 gift ideas for the horse owner in your life!

1. Wild rag- Four Corners Saddlery has a great supply and you can never have enough wild rags! Find them on Facebook



2. Horse Blanket repair- Samantha Lloyd at Broken Creek Horse Blanket Repair is brilliant with fixing horse blankets! She has 3 convenient drop off locations. Find her on Facebook




3. Slow feeder hay ball- Great to keep horses busy or to add some entertainment into your life! You can purchase at a local Murdochs store or online. Link for Murdochs



4. Hand and boot warmers- Winter is here! Stay warm while doing your outdoor chores with these hand and toe warmers found on Amazon. Link Here

toe warmer


5. Open Arena Membership- WB Ranch CO and VL Arena both offer monthly riding memberships! Checkout their websites for pricing here: VL Arena or WB Ranch Co

lv wb


6. Photoshoot- Every horse owner will always want professional pictures of the horses. Rachel has plenty of experience photographing horses and even has different packages. Click HERE for Rachel’s website.



7. Bit Warmer- Cold weather means cold metal. A reusable bit warmer is on every horse owner’s wishlist. There are so many fabric options on Etsy. Link for Etsy



8. Saddle horn bag- The Showman Saddle Sack is convenient for keys, money, phone, etc storage while riding. They can be found on many different websites. Here’s a link for Jeffers website: Link

saddle sack


9. Horse Treats- Tried and true, we have never seen a horse that turns down Apple Nuggets! You can find them at Murdochs or online- Here

apple nugget


10. Warm socks- A warm, tall pair of socks is a must have! Klim socks are the warmest option out there! Check them out in the Link



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