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April Patient of the Month

Spur is our April Patient of the Month.  While he was playing at the dog park one night, he was rolled by a larger dog.  He came up with a limp and was taken to PETS, the small animal emergency hospital and then brought to All West Veterinary Hospital the next day for a cast and radiographs.

Spur fractured his radius and ulna, two bones in the front limb.  The fracture was a complete transverse fracture of the distal third of both bones.  There are several ways to fix this, including a bone plate, an external fixator or a cast.  Spur’s owner opted for a cast and so it was placed and radiographs were taken to check alignment.  The x-rays showed that there was a small step, but over half of the fracture ends touched each other.  Since Spur is a young dog and there is that much bone contact, the fracture should heal well.

Spur has been coming in weekly for cast checks to make sure that it is wearing well and there are no spots rubbing.  He will have to stay on a leash until the cast comes off, and although he is not happy about that, he is doing well and should be back in action soon!


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