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Intestinal Parasites in Horses
Date Published: 12/22/2008
Date Reviewed/Revised: 03/11/2015

Horses have many different intestinal parasites and the goal is not to eliminate every parasite but just to control the level of parasites enough to prevent clinical disease. We were so successful at almost doing so that the only parasites remaining are resistant. Now we realize that leaving a few susceptible parasites to compete with the resistant ones is a good idea.

The equine roundworm infects horses when they swallow the infectious eggs and the larvae migrate through the horse’s liver and lungs. Migration through the lungs can lead to disease, especially in foals. Large strongyles were the major intestinal parasite problem in horses until ivermectin was introduced to the market in the 80s and now large strongyles are rarely a problem. However, small strongyles are the most serious intestinal parasite at this time as they encyst in the wall of the intestine and most regular dewormers are not effective at killing the encysted larvae. Pinworms do not cause pathology in horses but can cause irritation around the anal area that cause the horse to rub the tail and can lead to skin infections. Bots are commonly in the horse’s stomach and can cause gastric irritation and ulcers. Bot fly eggs are commonly seen as small yellow specks on the horse’s lower legs and are swallowed by the horse while licking. Horses can also have tapeworms and all of these parasites need to be treated, but you cannot just go into the feed store and choose a deworming product.

All of these parasites require specific dewormers and should be used at specific times. Many of the dewormers are not as effective as their advertising indicates.

Happy New Year!


10 gift ideas for the horse owner in your life!

1. Wild rag- Four Corners Saddlery has a great supply and you can never have enough wild rags! Find them on Facebook



2. Horse Blanket repair- Samantha Lloyd at Broken Creek Horse Blanket Repair is brilliant with fixing horse blankets! She has 3 convenient drop off locations. Find her on Facebook




3. Slow feeder hay ball- Great to keep horses busy or to add some entertainment into your life! You can purchase at a local Murdochs store or online. Link for Murdochs



4. Hand and boot warmers- Winter is here! Stay warm while doing your outdoor chores with these hand and toe warmers found on Amazon. Link Here

toe warmer


5. Open Arena Membership- WB Ranch CO and VL Arena both offer monthly riding memberships! Checkout their websites for pricing here: VL Arena or WB Ranch Co

lv wb


6. Photoshoot- Every horse owner will always want professional pictures of the horses. Rachel has plenty of experience photographing horses and even has different packages. Click HERE for Rachel’s website.



7. Bit Warmer- Cold weather means cold metal. A reusable bit warmer is on every horse owner’s wishlist. There are so many fabric options on Etsy. Link for Etsy



8. Saddle horn bag- The Showman Saddle Sack is convenient for keys, money, phone, etc storage while riding. They can be found on many different websites. Here’s a link for Jeffers website: Link

saddle sack


9. Horse Treats- Tried and true, we have never seen a horse that turns down Apple Nuggets! You can find them at Murdochs or online- Here

apple nugget


10. Warm socks- A warm, tall pair of socks is a must have! Klim socks are the warmest option out there! Check them out in the Link



Top 5 gifts to add to your Pet’s Wishlist!


These 5 gifts will make your Pet’s Christmas simply paw-some!
1. Light up dog collar. With the days getting shorter, walks usually extend into the dark now. Your dog will be easily visible by vehicles and fellow walkers with this collar. Find these on Amazon for quick arrival. Click here



2. Interactive Cat Feeder. Is your cat starting to get a little extra “fluffy”? With this interactive feeder, your cat will be on the prowl all day! Checkout Amazon for quick delivery. Click here to see

mouse feeder
3. Custom Dog treats. Looking for an alternative to those fake rawhide Christmas chews? Checkout Black Dog Bakery MT for a local and homemade treat! Click here to shop local



4. DNA Panel. If you have a mixed breed dog, this is a fun and informative gift! Head to to order your kit today!




5. Custom Blanket. A blanket with non other than your best friend! Go to their website to upload your pet’s image.

canvas Click Here



While 2020 has thrown everyone onto an uncontrollable rollercoaster, it is also important to put your hands up and enjoy the ride. Often we get stuck in the worry and hustle that it can be difficult to stop to look around and be thankful for all of the things in and out of our control. While going around the Thanksgiving table it is traditional for people to offer thanks for specific things. Family/friends, and good health are often mentioned. Covid19 has impacted both of these categories this year. During this pandemic, we are feeling extra appreciative for our “essential workforce” including hospital staff, first responders, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and many more. This includes our veterinarians, technicians, and support staff. While being home many people have noticed changes in their pet or have brought home a new pet that requires veterinary attention.  While we aren’t working directly with COVID patients, our staff has been hustling to make sure our hospital stays safe and open so that we can take care of your pets.  Although you might dislike being home more than normal, hold tight to the fact that you get to spend time with your pet as they age quicker than we would all like. Also, say an extra ‘Thank you” to the veterinary team next time you are in. Not only does it mean more than you think to them, but you just might find that their eyes light up, causing a smile on your own face. All from two little words. We invite you to check out the Staff page to learn a little more about each team member.  This year we are most thankful for all of our wonderful clients. We appreciate you putting your pet’s needs first. Thank you for sharing this year with us; we wish you all a fantastic and safe holiday season.THX

Weeklong Celebration

Every year we celebrate National Veterinary Technician Appreciation for a full week in  mid October. For our hospital this means plenty of delicious snacks, some educational training sessions, and many thank-you’s.

It is especially important in the veterinary industry to acknowledge and appreciate our technicians. The veterinary professional is unlike any other and our technicians are often not recognized for their nursing skills like in human medicine. Our technicians each have specific job functions to match their knowledge and skillset. However, they are each so important to the functioning of our hospital. A veterinary technician is not only the nurse, anesthesiologist, phlebotomist, trauma unit, chef, physical therapist, and janitor, but also the friend that bravely stands with the pet while away from their owner. We root for every pet that comes in no matter the amount of times puked on, peed on or bit at. So when we ask you to drop your pet off for surgery or an appointment, know that our technicians have your back and pet’s happiness in mind. For this and so many other reasons, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful technicians for being the most real Superheroes!




New Doctor on the block



Haaavvveee you met Jen?

Doctor Jennifer Higgins joined the All West team about a month ago. Dr. Jennifer grew up in upstate New York. She graduated from Colorado State University with a PhD in Microbiology in 2015 and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2017.  She completed internships at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, New York from 2017-2018 doing Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and VCA Colonial Animal Hospital, Ithaca, New York from 2019-2020 focusing on Small Animal Surgery. She has a special interest in Small animal surgery, exotic animal and wildlife medicine and surgery. Throughout veterinary school, Dr. Jennifer spent time at several zoos, aquariums, and wildlife hospitals. She researched brucellosis in goats, cattle, and yak for her PhD, and has traveled to Mongolia several times for her studies. Her family includes two dogs. Outside of work, she enjoys mountain biking, climbing, triathlon, and skiing often accompanied by her crazy border collie pup Storm. We hope you have a chance to meet Dr. Jennifer soon!

COVID-19 update

All West Veterinary is dedicated to caring for you and your pets. We understand that your pet’s needs are still a priority amongst the COVID-19 outbreak.  We will continue to provide medical treatment during this time but have adopted some extra precautions to keep our clients, doctors and staff healthy.
• Our hospital is continuing to disinfect with a pet friendly cleaner, doubling our already stringent cleaning habits to add round the clock cleaning of common areas and surfaces.
• When you come into the hospital please forgive us for not shaking your hand. However, feel free to use the sinks in our exam rooms to wash your hands before leaving. We will also have hand sanitizer available at the reception desk.
• When you visit the hospital, please limit the number of people you bring with you to only those whose presence is essential to the visit. If you are concerned about being around others in the waiting area, please call us upon your arrival and we can accommodate you right away with an open exam room.
• If you are feeling unwell please call our office to reschedule your appointment to a later date unless it is imperative to be seen sooner.
• If you are social-distancing or self- quarantined and need care for your pet, please contact us via phone that this is the case and alert us that your pet needs medical attention. A member of our team will come get your animal from the car.
Thank you for helping us do our best to protect you and our team.

Here’s to the good times of 2019!

2019 review 1 review 2019 2

Christmas Shopping guide- Pet Edition

12 Days of Christmas Pet Gift Guide



1. One Christmas Story- a custom book based on your pet! Check out Petlandia for your pet’s adventure story.


2. Two Lupine Accessories- purchase a festive collar and leash that even comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Three Forms to Finance- sign up for pet insurance, care credit, buy a gift certificate from your vet for those unexpected expenses.

4. Four Kids chasing- have your pet microchipped with HomeAgain for lifetime and permanent identification.

5. Five Ugly Sweaters- choose a jacket or sweater for your pet. Better yet, get some socks with your pet’s face on them for yourself at MyPhotoSocks.


6. Six Breeds discovered- best for mixed breed dogs, Wisdom Panel will check your pet’s DNA for breed identification and genetic condition carriers.

7. Seven Retakes Taken- snap a photo of your pet with Santa, put in a holiday frame to feel all those cozy feels.

8. Eight Snuggly blankets- replace those old dingy blankets and beds with new, soft blankets to snuggle so hard.

9. Nine Teeth to treat- pick up CET chews or toothbrush/toothpaste kit to get that breathe minty fresh for some mistletoe kisses.


10. Ten minutes sudsin’- have your pet professionally groomed or pick up the supplies to do-it-yourself. Try the Furminator brand for those dogs that shed excessively!

11. Eleven Snacks stolen- get your pet their own treat so you don’t have to share! Choose Lean treats for a low calorie option- less is more (less calories, more to eat)! Even if your pet is on a specialized diet, Royal Canin and Hill’s both make treats to meet any prescription diet.

12. Twelve Toys tossing- Plush or bouncy, you know your pet best so give them what they like! There are some toys that will make your pet think and work to receive the treat. Looking for something to keep them busy? Check out the PetStages Challenge Ball


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