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Check the chip!

August 15th was Check the Chip Day!



Why Microchips are great:

A microchip is a small, invisible form of identification. While collars or tags may come off when your pet is lost, a microchip is a permanent. Your information will always be available when the chip is scanned.

How it works:

The microchip contains the owner’s registered contact information. When the chip is scanned, a number sequence will show up on the reader. The person may then call the microchip company to alert them of a found pet. The company will then contact the owner’s registered phone numbers. If your pet becomes lost, you can also contact the microchip company to have them send out fliers. If you aren’t sure which company your pet’s microchip is registered with, go to¬† and type in your pet’s microchip number.

The downside:

If the pet is not scanned, it would not be obvious the pet has a microchip. Luckily,¬†microchips are becoming more well known so pets are often brought in by good Samaritans for scanning. Shelters and veterinary hospitals scan pets for microchips regularly. Another potential mishap would be if the owner’s information is not correct. It is essential to keep your pet’s microchip information current for your pet to be returned. Add this to your list of things to do after updating an address or cell phone number.

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