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COVID-19 update

All West Veterinary is dedicated to caring for you and your pets. We understand that your pet’s needs are still a priority amongst the COVID-19 outbreak.  We will continue to provide medical treatment during this time but have adopted some extra precautions to keep our clients, doctors and staff healthy.
• Our hospital is continuing to disinfect with a pet friendly cleaner, doubling our already stringent cleaning habits to add round the clock cleaning of common areas and surfaces.
• When you come into the hospital please forgive us for not shaking your hand. However, feel free to use the sinks in our exam rooms to wash your hands before leaving. We will also have hand sanitizer available at the reception desk.
• When you visit the hospital, please limit the number of people you bring with you to only those whose presence is essential to the visit. If you are concerned about being around others in the waiting area, please call us upon your arrival and we can accommodate you right away with an open exam room.
• If you are feeling unwell please call our office to reschedule your appointment to a later date unless it is imperative to be seen sooner.
• If you are social-distancing or self- quarantined and need care for your pet, please contact us via phone that this is the case and alert us that your pet needs medical attention. A member of our team will come get your animal from the car.
Thank you for helping us do our best to protect you and our team.
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