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Top 5 gifts to add to your Pet’s Wishlist!


These 5 gifts will make your Pet’s Christmas simply paw-some!
1. Light up dog collar. With the days getting shorter, walks usually extend into the dark now. Your dog will be easily visible by vehicles and fellow walkers with this collar. Find these on Amazon for quick arrival. Click here



2. Interactive Cat Feeder. Is your cat starting to get a little extra “fluffy”? With this interactive feeder, your cat will be on the prowl all day! Checkout Amazon for quick delivery. Click here to see

mouse feeder
3. Custom Dog treats. Looking for an alternative to those fake rawhide Christmas chews? Checkout Black Dog Bakery MT for a local and homemade treat! Click here to shop local



4. DNA Panel. If you have a mixed breed dog, this is a fun and informative gift! Head to to order your kit today!




5. Custom Blanket. A blanket with non other than your best friend! Go to their website to upload your pet’s image.

canvas Click Here

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