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Recovery of Roz




Meet Roz Kirk. Roz had been attacked by two dogs in September. He suffered severe injuries to on the abdominal inguinal skin and muscle. When Roz came to us in October, he was dehydrated, not eating and had developed pressure sores from the bandaging. Along with the massive wounds, Roz had contracted a Pseudomonas infection, a bacterium that is often resistant to many antibiotics. He was hospitalized to monitor hydration, eating and licking of the wounds before performing surgery later on in the week.

During the surgery, the dead and damaged skin was removed and the wounds were closed. He was hospitalized for a few more days to monitor licking and get the infection under control. For the next couple of weeks, Roz visited us twice a week to ensure proper healing, repair and appetite increase. Roz;s family was very creative in fitting him with various shirts to cover the healing wounds. With his family’s dedication, by December Roz had healed and kicked the infection. Amazingly, Roz was always a cooperative patient and we all fell in love with him.

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