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While 2020 has thrown everyone onto an uncontrollable rollercoaster, it is also important to put your hands up and enjoy the ride. Often we get stuck in the worry and hustle that it can be difficult to stop to look around and be thankful for all of the things in and out of our control. While going around the Thanksgiving table it is traditional for people to offer thanks for specific things. Family/friends, and good health are often mentioned. Covid19 has impacted both of these categories this year. During this pandemic, we are feeling extra appreciative for our “essential workforce” including hospital staff, first responders, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and many more. This includes our veterinarians, technicians, and support staff. While being home many people have noticed changes in their pet or have brought home a new pet that requires veterinary attention.  While we aren’t working directly with COVID patients, our staff has been hustling to make sure our hospital stays safe and open so that we can take care of your pets.  Although you might dislike being home more than normal, hold tight to the fact that you get to spend time with your pet as they age quicker than we would all like. Also, say an extra ‘Thank you” to the veterinary team next time you are in. Not only does it mean more than you think to them, but you just might find that their eyes light up, causing a smile on your own face. All from two little words. We invite you to check out the Staff page to learn a little more about each team member.  This year we are most thankful for all of our wonderful clients. We appreciate you putting your pet’s needs first. Thank you for sharing this year with us; we wish you all a fantastic and safe holiday season.THX

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