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Weeklong Celebration

Every year we celebrate National Veterinary Technician Appreciation for a full week in  mid October. For our hospital this means plenty of delicious snacks, some educational training sessions, and many thank-you’s.

It is especially important in the veterinary industry to acknowledge and appreciate our technicians. The veterinary professional is unlike any other and our technicians are often not recognized for their nursing skills like in human medicine. Our technicians each have specific job functions to match their knowledge and skillset. However, they are each so important to the functioning of our hospital. A veterinary technician is not only the nurse, anesthesiologist, phlebotomist, trauma unit, chef, physical therapist, and janitor, but also the friend that bravely stands with the pet while away from their owner. We root for every pet that comes in no matter the amount of times puked on, peed on or bit at. So when we ask you to drop your pet off for surgery or an appointment, know that our technicians have your back and pet’s happiness in mind. For this and so many other reasons, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful technicians for being the most real Superheroes!




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